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The Paperworks: Journaling and Papercraft

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Rules Post!
fat, hilda
thousandpages wrote in thepaperworks
Welcome to the Paperworks - a community for journaling and papercraft.

Membership is currently open, so feel free to join after reading the rules very carefully. We welcome all types of journalers and papercrafters here, so don't be shy!

Who can join?

Anyone! If you love to journal or work with paper crafts to express yourself, this is the community for you. Share your paper journaling (art, written, anything!) or collages. We love to see it all here.

What can be posted?

Anything related to journaling or paper crafts. Whether it be a great, cheap find for a fabulous journal you found, or pictures of your own projects, prompts for inspiration, or other things, it's welcome. So long as it is on topic. No spam in this community. We're here for the journaling, that's it.

There are some restrictions, however:

1. All images larger than 400 pixels on one side must be under an LJ-Cut. Please only post one image above your cut. This is for those who have slow connections or who need to be able to read quickly through their f-list for some reason. Be considerate. Don't worry, one pic is enough of a teaser to get folks interested!

2. Triggering images and subject matter must be warned for (ie, sexual abuse, trauma, medical imagery, and other things that might potentially be triggering/upsetting for someone). I leave it up to you what and how to warn, please be considerate of others. I know that sometimes what we journal about is the things we've been through, and that's welcome here, but keep in mind that some folks may not be able to deal with that on a particular day when you post. Just be considerate and respectful of others.

3. Do not tag your entry with your username. We will very quickly run out of tags if we do this. Please use tags for subject matter or content only (that is - pictures, scans, journals, links, etc). Also, check the tags before creating a new one. We want people to be able to find their way around easily.

4. This community has a NO TOLERANCE policy for racism, sexism, homophobia, fatphobia, ageism, ablism, and other forms of prejudice and bigotry OF ANY KIND. Since this is my community, I will be the final judge of what that is. First incident will get a warning, the second a ban. We all come from different walks of life and different experiences. That's a good thing. Please respect each other in this. We're here to support, learn, grow, and discover new things - not to tear each other down.

How often do I have to journal?

It's up to you. Some members may wish to get together and challenge themselves to writing one journal entry a day for a month or a year (or however long!) and I definitely encourage that. However, it's not required that you journal any certain amount to be in this community. I will start a year long journaling challenge at the beginning of the year in 2011 if enough people want to sign up for it, but for now - journal as often and in whatever form feels best for you.

What if I have other questions?

Then feel free to send an LJ message to me (just click on my username and follow the link). I will try to get back to you as soon as possible, which should (unless I am indisposed) be no more than a few days.

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That's totally okay, and I completely understand! This is definitely the right place to ask that question. Any suggestions which journaling communities to promote this in?

And I'm glad you like the group. Feel free to intro yourself and post anything that had previously been on embodiment!

Thanks :) Unfortunately I only know of one other journalling community, j__rnal (I can't do the fancy link thin right now ._.) I think is its name...? I think many of the Embodiment members were/are also members over there. This being said, I have no idea if they allow advertising of other groups... but it might be worth a shot! And if they allow it, you could maybe ask people over there if they know other useful places to promote this community? :)

I was so shy over at Embodiment that I never posted anything myself, only commented sometimes. But I might try to be more active here - at least I know the mod is nice :) (That's just a compliment; sorry if I sound like I'm brown-nosing, haha :D)

If it's okay with you, I could do some grassroot-level promotion once I get back from a trip...? Just posting some links on my facebook and LJ, nothing drastic. :)

But in any case, thanks again for this group! I look forward to its becoming my new #1 journalling community.

I'll totally get on that! And it's totally cool if you do a little grassroots promotion (just make sure it's the right venue and all, we don't want to get obnoxious! :) )

I look forward to seeing all the great stuff you post in the future.

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